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We manage a wide variety of industrial wastes, such as:

  • Developing, Fixation and Cleansing Baths;
  • Halogenated and non-Halogenated Solvents;
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant sludge;
  • Paint sludges;
  • Phosphated sludges;
  • Acid and Alkali Baths;
  • Oily waters;
  • Adhesives and Coatings;
  • Metal and Plastic Packaging;
  • Paper and Cardboard;
  • Scrap Metal;
  • Construction and Demolition Waste;
  • Ceramic Waste;
  • Batteries;
  • Liquid and Powder Paints;
  • Contaminated Absorbents;
  • Fluorescent Lamps;
  • Laboratory Waste;

Ask us the solution for your wastes through our Contacts area.

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